A cover of The Who’s classic “I can’t Explain”.

I put together a cover of The Who’s classic “I can’t Explain”. What started as an exercise to learn the Reaper DAW better turned into a nearly passable rendition of this 1964 classic.

Did 2 tracks of guitar and then recorded the solo separately on another track. Similarly, did 2 tracks of the vocal and then added another track with some chorus using a TC Helicon C1 pedal to hard-tune the vocals up an octave.

Drums and bass are a backing track I purchased from karaoke-version.com. Backing tracks are an excellent way to learn songs.


Song Information:

Title Name: I can’t Explain

Length: 2:08

BPM: 139

Date Recorded: 2015


Not available for download at this time. Please enjoy it on YouTube.